Have you got a GAS or Electric Cooktop? We fix them all!

Glass Top? Ring Elements? Solid Elements? 5 Burner, 6 Burner, Any Burner? Portable or Fixed!

Is it Slim, 900 wide, 600 wide? We still fix them.

Has an element stopped heating up? Perhaps it just runs on high all the time?

Maybe you have a gas cooktop and it won’t light?

It does not matter what it is, we fix them.

We are the cooktop experts!

Our technicians are factory trained in many brands and models of cooktops.

We carry common universal parts and do our utmost for a first time fix. We carry Simmerstats, regulators, thermocouples, strikers, ignition packs and more.

Before you call us, lets run through some common issues with cooktops and what you can do to try and fix the problem yourself.

Please follow the following steps and if all else fails give our friendly co-ordinators a call on 1300 841 918 to book in your Cooktop Repair.

Cooktop won’t turn on?


  • Make sure the isolation switch, generaly located in the kitchen on the wall close to the cooktop is turned on.

  • Make sure all the knobs on the cooktop are in the off position. Go to your switchboard and find the fuse/circuit breaker and ensure that it is still on. WARNING: If this fuse/circuit breaker has tripped, contact our friendly co-ordinators to book in a service and DO NOT simply turn the switch back on. Safety switches/Fuses/Circuit breakers do not trip without reason. Turning the fuse back on without correctly checking the cooktop could be fatal. If the fuse is ok, keep reading.

  • If you have done the above and still have no luck, contact our service department for a service call on 1300 841 918 today.

One element will not operate


  • In a case where you have a cooktop and only one element is not functioning you will need the expert advice of a technician to correctly diagnose the problem. In most cases it is simply the regulator or simmerstat that has failed or a burnt wire. Elements rarely fail on most cooktops. simmerstats range from $25 – $80 depending on which one you have. Resulting in a much cheaper repair versus replacement.

Gas burner won’t stay lit, keeps going out or does not light, funny flame.


  • Clean your burners. Most gas burners can be removed. Remove them and ensure the holes that allow the gas to flow out of are clean and there are no blocked holes. If the gas is struggling to flow, then it will likely go out.

  • After removing the burner, look into the base of the burner housing, you will see a small brass pointy piece called a jet. In the very centre of the jet, there is a small hole. With a safety pin/pin/paper clip push it into this hole and ensure that there is no blockage or partial blockage.

  • If you have done the above, then you will now need a technician to complete the work. The cause could be the thermocouple or valve. Gas flow or pressure. Only a trained and qualified gas repairer should proceed with further work due to the danger of working on gas especially due to it being very flamable.
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I smell Gas.

Immediatly turn off your gas supply. This can be found in an adjacent cupboard and is a tap. If not there, go to the supply point outside and turn off the gas. Open all windows in the house and DO NOT smoke or light any naked flames. If the gas is very strong, dial 000 and ask for the fire brigade. Contact our service department in 1300 841 918 and book in a service call to safetly repair your cooktop.

Due to the legal liability and the dangers of electrical work and gas work. AllyRat Services Pty Ltd is unable to give technicial advice to anyone who does not hold a valid qualification. For further repairs and service a technician will need to attend to your property and repair your cooktop.

Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today.

Please note that we do not sell spare parts. All parts are sold under condition they are fitted by one of our qualified technicians and carry a 12 month warranty.