Professional Residential and Commercial Dishwasher Repairs Throughout Brisbane

Are your dishes coming out dirty?
Are your dishes not dry at the end of the cycle?
Is your rinse-aid being used to rapidly?
We are the dishwasher experts.


Our Brisbane, Logan & Sunshine Coast based technicians are factory trained in repairing dishwashers across many brands and models. We carry common universal parts and do our utmost for a first time fix because there is nothing worse than having to wash up by hand.

Before you call us, let’s run through a few common issues with dishwashers and what you can do to try and fix the problem yourself.

Please follow the following steps and if all else fails give our friendly co-ordinators a call on 1300 841 918 to book in your dishwasher repairs for your home throughout Brisbane, Logan, the Sunshine Coast or surrounding areas.


  1. Check your filter located in the bottom of your dishwasher, they often just pull out or twist to loosen. Pull the filters out and make sure they are clean, you can see through them and that there are no holes in them that food could pass through and block elsewhere.
  2. Check that there is no food blocking the holes of your spray arms. The spray arms are the two arms just below the top rack and bottom rack located inside your dishwasher. These arms must be free turning and have no food stuck in any of the holes. Some spray arms can be removed by twisting, but others are more difficult to remove. Get a small toothpick and pick the food out of the holes.
  3. Is the dishwasher heating? Run the dishwasher on a fast/quick cycle. After 10 minutes of the wash, open the door and feel the water, if the water is cold, then likely the dishwasher is not heating. If you do not have a quick/fast wash, run the dishwasher on your normal cycle for 25 minutes, then open the door and check if the water is hot. If there is no heat, you will need to contact our service department on 1300 841 918 for service.
  4. Go to your local super market and purchase a dishwasher descaler. Follow the instructions on the packet.
  5. If you have done the above and still have no luck, contact our Brisbane service department for repairs by calling us on 1300 841 918 today.
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Due to the legal liability and the dangers of electrical work. AllyRat Services Pty Ltd is unable to give technical advice to anyone who does not hold a valid qualification. For professional home and commercial dishwasher repairs, a technician will need to attend to your property.

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Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today; we operate throughout Brisbane and nearby areas such as Logan and the Sunshine Coast.

Please note that we do not sell spare parts. All parts are sold under condition they are fitted by one of our qualified technicians and carry a 12-month warranty.