Gas General


Got something a little different?

Struggling to find someone to fix your something?

We can’t promise to fix it, but we can promise to turn up and have a crack!

We can’t promise to get genuine parts to repair it, but we can promise to try and find something that will work, be legal and safe

Our technicians have been called to many pieces of equipment over the years and we have a 90% success rate of getting it working when we have never seen one before.

There are so many different types of gas equipment and we are prepared to have a go at them all.

So why not give us a call on 1300 841 918 today and lets see if we can assist you.

Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today.

Please note that WE WILL NOT repair any equipment that is not Australian Gas Compliant as it is against the law for us to do so. Heavy penalties apply to anyone doing gas work without a licence and working on equipment that is not approved.

Smell Gas?

Immediately turn off your gas supply. This can be found in line with the supply hose. If not there, go to the supply point outside and turn off the gas. Open all windows in the house and DO NOT smoke or light any naked flames. If the gas is very strong or you are unable to turn off the gas supply, dial 000 and ask for the fire brigade, then contact our service department on 1300 841 918 and book in a service call to safely repair your gas equipment.