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Have you got a GAS or Electric Oven? We fix them all!

Is your food burning?

Is your food coming out raw?

Maybe your oven has stopped working all together?

Does the grill work fine, but the fan force blow cold air?

We are the experts in oven repairs!

We offer repairs for a wide range of oven makes and models

Our technicians are factory trained in many brands and models of Ovens.

We carry common universal parts and do our utmost for a first time fix. These parts include fan elements, some grill/bake elements, universal thermostats, and door seals.

Before you call us, let‘s run through a common issues with ovens and what you can do to try and fix the problem yourself before contacting us for repairs.

Please follow the following steps and if all else fails give our friendly co-ordinators a call, Brisbane-wide, on 1300 841 918 to book in your oven repairs.

Reasons why your oven may not be operating correctly


  • Check your timer. Many ovens have a manual and automatic timer on their ovens. This timer could be in the form of a clock, or in the form of a manual timer that you turn.
    Manual Timer: Ensure that the timer is turned and facing the picture of the hand, if your digits have rubbed off, simply turn the timer in a leftward direction. This will put the oven into manual mode, set your temperature and selector setting. If the oven still does not work, keep reading.
    Digital Clock: If the clock is not set on many ovens, the oven simply does not operate. Set your clock, this can be done in many ways depending on the type of clock you have installed. Generally you would hold down either one or two buttons, while pressing the +/- buttons to adjust the time. Once the time is set, press the picture of a hand. This places the oven in manual cooking. Set your temperature and selector setting. If the oven still does not work keep reading.


  • Make sure all the knobs and buttons on the oven are in the off position/or that there is nothing selected. Go to your switchboard and find the fuse/circuit breaker and ensure that it is still on. WARNING: If this fuse/circuit breaker has tripped, contact our friendly co-ordinators to book in a service and DO NOT simply turn the switch back on. Safety switches/Fuses/Circuit breakers do not trip without reason. Turning the fuse back on without correctly checking the oven could be fatal. If the fuse is ok, keep reading.


  • The only thing left to ask, is do you have an isolation switch on the wall next to the oven that may have been turned off? If so switch it back on.


  • If you have done the above and still have no luck, contact our Brisbane-based service department for a service call on 1300 841 918 today.
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Due to the legal liability and the dangers of electrical work. AllyRat Services Pty Ltd in Brisbane is unable to give technical advice to anyone who does not hold a valid qualification. For further services and advice, a technician will need to attend to your property for oven repairs.

Speak to our team today and find out more regarding our repair services

Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today, wherever you are located in Brisbane or Logan.

Please note that we do not sell spare parts. All parts are sold under condition they are fitted by one of our qualified technicians and carry a 12 month warranty.