We fix Rangehoods. We fix them all!

We are the rangehood experts!

Our technicians are factory trained in many brands and models of Rangehoods.

We carry common universal parts and do our utmost for a first time fix.

Before you call us, lets run through some common issues with rangehoodss and what you can do to try and fix the problem yourself.

Please follow the following steps and if all else fails give our friendly co-ordinators a call on 1300 841 918 to book in your Oven Repair.

There is no suction.


  • Clean your filters which are located opposite your cooking device. In the case of most rangehoods, the stainless steel mesh you see when looking up from underneath the ranghood will need to be cleaned.
    – If you rangehood is ducted, then ensure this mesh is cleaned regulary. Best way to clean a 600 wide rangehood is to place the mesh filters into your dishwasher and run them through a cycle. With 900 wide rangehoods, soak in a hot bath with dishwashing liquid.
    – If your rangehood is not ducted, then after removing the mesh filters, you should have a charcoal filter that needs to be replaced every 6 – 12 months depending on usage.

  • If there is still very little suction, contact our service department to book in a service call on 1300 841 918

Light does not work.


  • Replace the globe located behind the plastic lens on the underside of the rangehood.

  • If after replacing the lens the globe still does not work, contact our service department to book in a service on 1300 841 918

Nothing happens when I slide the rangehood open.


  • There will be a mechanical switch located generally on the front left or right side of the rangehood, that allows you to turn the fans on, swap from fast to slow suction and operate the light. Not all rangehoods have this option.

  • If this does not solve your problem, contact our friendly co-ordinator to book your service on 1300 841 918
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Due to the legal liability and the dangers of electrical work. AllyRat Services Pty Ltd is unable to give technicial advice to anyone who does not hold a valid qualification. For further repairs and service a technician will need to attend to your property and repair your rangehood.

Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today.

Please note that we do not sell spare parts. All parts are sold under condition they are fitted by one of our qualified technicians and carry a 12 month warranty.