Wine Fridges and Coolers


Has your wine fridge gone warm?

We are the wine fridge experts.

Our Boss loves his wine and he knows just how important the wine fridge is!.

We carry common universal parts and do our utmost for a first time fix because there is nothing worse than having warm wine!

Before you call us, lets run through a common issues with fridges/freezers and what you can do to try and fix the problem yourself.

Please follow the following steps and if all else fails give our friendly co-ordinators a call on 1300 841 918 to book in your Fridge Repair.

Fridge does not appear to be on


  • Check the light globe! Many times we get called out to a wine fridge that is not operating and it turns out to be simply a blown light globe. You the customer are used to opening the door and seeing the light. But because there is no light, it is assumed the fridge is not working. If everything is cold in the fridge then check the globe and if blown. Replace it.

  • Check the fridge is plugged in and check the supply power point to ensure it has power. If there is power you will need to contact us on 1300 841 918 to determine why the fridge is not operating. If there is no power, go and check your switchboard. If the switchboard is off, reset it. Should the switch trip again, call one of our friendly staff on 1300 841 918 to arrange a service technician to diagnose why the safety switch keeps tripping.

  • Unfortunately there is not a great deal you can do or check with a wine fridge. As long as you have power, the power switch inside the cabinet is on, then you are going to need an expert to diagnose the issue.
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Due to the legal liability and the dangers of electrical work. AllyRat Services Pty Ltd is unable to give technicial advice to anyone who does not hold a valid qualification. For further repairs and service a technician will need to attend to your property and repair your dishwasher.

Please call 1300 841 918 to book your service today.

Please note that we do not sell spare parts. All parts are sold under condition they are fitted by one of our qualified technicians and carry a 12 month warranty.